5 Unexpected Ways to Look Sexy

Do you feel that getting dressed every morning is like doing the same stuff again and again? Its time you gave yourself a style recharge. Adding an unexpected detail to your look can be just the thing you need. Sometimes it can be something you already have in your closet, but used in a new way, and sometimes it’s a trendy piece that goes easily with a few outfits you already have.

Either way, having something new to make that repeat outfit a little exciting can make all the difference. No, it’s not necessary for you to spend a lot of time or money.

Here are some unexpected ways that can help you look sexier.

Leave Buttons Undone

buttons undone

Cultivate a little outfit mystery without being overtly provocative by keeping some buttons undone on purpose. Show the promise through a little revelation. The best way to pull this off is by totally covering up everywhere else with your long sleeves, generous hemlines, and high necks. A slight flash of the collar bone is a French woman’s favorite secret weapon.

buttons undone
How to Make a Suit Look Laid-Back

t shirt with suit

The devil is in the details when it comes to the wool two-piece. Wear a relaxed T-shirt (make sure that it is untucked) with a perfectly-tailored suit and team it with your trusty sunglasses and suede boots. Rolled up sleeves and tousled bed hair will top off the look.

The High-End Boyfriend Look

jacket and jeans

Do you love your t-shirt so much that given a chance, you will wear it to the bed too? You can wear the t-shirt to a power brunch as well thanks to your favorite leather biker that is going to amplify any piece. Your white trainers are so luxurious they can hold their own virtually anywhere.

jacket and jeans

When it comes to jeans, it’s all about how it fits your hips. Everything else depends on your mood. With your signature hair and makeup set, all that’s left is for a pair of sunglasses to be set in place. You are sure to look sexy in this outfit. Keep your hands in the pocket, and you will look sexier.

How to Look Smart, Minus a Dress

girl in trouser

Trousers can be just as feminine and appealing as a dress or skirt. The key is to getting the leg length spot on and the silhouette spot on. From wide-leg to cigarette pants in any color, the secret to styling them to the smart side is to adding premium leather accessories, cashmere knits, and your versatile three quarter length city coat.

Style Twists with Your Layering

open oversized coat

Leave it open when you are wearing an oversized coat. This will reveal your perfect blouse tucked into your trusty jeans or whatever else you might be wearing. Let the collar move about, and lift your sleeves slightly to show bare wrists, and an understated manicure.