5 Menswear Looks That Are Always in Style

It is a well established fact that some wardrobe classics never date. Here are five timeless sartorial combinations that are simple, stylish and easy to wear. These iconic looks never get old.

The Sweatshirt & Chino Trousers

sweatshirt & chino trousers

The sweatshirt’s enduring success is because of its simplicity. Stylish men everywhere are seen wearing this. Paul Newman used to regularly pair his sweatshirts with another classic – the chino trouser.

This combination works because “opposites attract”. Chino trousers, while less formal than tailored trousers, have an air of vague formality. Conversely, the sweatshirt lends its wearer an unfussy, relaxed edge. Together, they make a pairing that lands right in that smart-casual sweet spot, providing men with a means to look effortlessly stylish.

The White T-Shirt & White Jeans

white t-shirt and white jeans

It’s difficult to find a more time-honored combination than a white T-shirt and pair of white jeans. Though the idea of a wearing a crew-neck T-shirt with jeans in the same shade might seem simple enough, donning this classic look can stump even the most savvy of dressers. For instance, you have to deal with choosing a shade of white that is right for your skin tone (cream and stone work best for those with paler complexions). Plus, you must also match shades. But it is going to look awesome if you can master it. You may even throw a cardigan or bomber over the top in a contrasting hue.

The Breton Top & Tailored Blazer

breton top & tailored blazer

This used to be the uniform of the French navy in the mid-nineteenth century. It has remained largely unchanged since then, and has become something of a wardrobe stalwart now. The wearer can try his hand at pattern without needing to think too hard.

You can wear the design stylishly in many different ways. But this outfit is at its classic best when you layer it beneath a tailored navy blazer. This sharpens things up. This pairing is so stylish that it has become the core of modern Riviera style. Try teaming a Breton tee with a full navy suit for a high-low combination that’s hard to beat.

The Roll Neck & Double-Breasted Blazer

roll neck & double-breasted blazer

Despite its tendency to divide opinion, the roll neck has long been worn by menswear’s sharpest dressers during the colder months. It looks really suave, particularly if it is woven from cashmere or wool, and the design is practical too. This double breasted blazer cuts a sharp and powerful silhouette. It is certainly a sophisticated way to wear tailoring and knitwear at the same time. The outfit is versatile – you can wear on a night out, and to the office as well.

The Oxford Shirt & Tailored Trousers

oxford shirt & tailored trousers

Men has for long been troubled by dressing sharp when they are off-duty. What’s the best way to achieve a look that feels both relaxed and refined?

As one of menswear’s most pared looks, this combination is timelessness. It is a blank canvas that allows men to experiment. The base of an Oxford shirt and tailored trousers can be transformed for a whole host of different purposes. Add a shawl collared cardigan or luxury jacket for even better results.