5 Fashion Tools and Resources I Use to Find More Outfit Ideas

A lot of times, I find myself running out of ideas to dress myself up in. So I run to these instead, and instantly, I find a beautiful or fashionable outfit to wear.



This is where I get the majority of my inspiration from. I even have my own set of boards, and constantly create new ones and update them with outfit ideas and fashion inspiration I find all over Pinterest. If you’re interested, you can also create your own account and create your own set of boards, and all you have to do is pin the images you love to the boards you create! Think of it as one humongous pinning board.


polyvorePolyvore is a really large community with members creating collage-like “sets.” The fashion part of Polyvore has a ton of outfit ideas in these collage-like images that look really pretty and attractive. You can even find places to find the items in the images you find.



Lookastic is a relatively new website that I came across and already found it to be quite useful and attractive. It’s basically a giant fashion search engine. You input what kind of item you want to see outfit ideas for and click the button “Find Looks.” Then you will find a bunch of images of the item you inputted. And what’s great is that the website will also lead you to the online shops and stores that sell the clothing items in the outfits you like.



Lookbook.nu is a community based website for fashion inspiration. They call it community “hype” that promotes hot looks to the front page. Think of it as like a Reddit, but for fashion material.


tumblr fashion

Tumblr is another community-based, user generated content website I like to go on for fashion inspiration. You might have to find the right tumblr pages however to unearth the good fashion material out there, like these cute outfit ideas page, and this men’s outfit ideas page.