5 Fashion Tips to Rock Your Gothic Style

Gothic fashion is for those who are brave and bold to have a strange, dark, impudent, yet elegant look. The gothic style will make you look different from the rest of the people in your community. Goth style is about picking, molding and mashing things to create style of your own flavor and it looks absolutely amazing and extraordinary when used properly. You can start by wearing at least one component of this style and feel the fun. Here is a rundown of gothic style fashion tips to nail down your look.

1.      Get into the Gothic Trend:

Gothic fashion revolves around black color. The outfits are black, shoes are black, and even makeup is black. However, some darker shades may also creep in a gothic style look such as royal purples, emerald greens, and powerful reds highlight features and curves. As black is the most recognizable trait, pick black tee, black bottom, black eyewear, black shoes, and wear black smoky intense makeup. There are no exact rules for gothic fashion. You can start with the simplest gothic style and go with it as much as you feel comfortable. You don’t need to follow all of the gothic style tips simultaneously, unless its Halloween.

2.      Dye and Style Your Hair Gothically:

Jet black is usually the base color for a gothic look, but you can also add another intense bright color. This will add a bit sparkle to your dark gothic attire. It will look contrasting especially if you are wearing entirely black outfit. Red, grey, blue and green are all exotic choices to rock your gothicstyle. You could also play with pastels and ombre. Moreover, dare to try some unusual hairstyles that compliment your gothic look. A few suggestions are a side fringe, double buns (sailor moon buns), or frizzy double ponytails.

3.      Create Gothic Makeup:

Oh Yes! Black lipstick is atimeless practice in gothic fashion. You can also wear dark purplish tone or maroon lipstick to balance all black on black attire. Black lipstick can make you standout with brightly colored hair or neck region. Although basic black is always the go-to color for gothic fashion, but you can also incorporate dusty greys or deep reds or darker blues for smoky eye makeup. Use eyeliners in black, blue or brown, while highly contoured cheeks are also a part of goth-inspired makeup.

4.      Style with Goth Tops:

There are countless options for goth style tops. Try a corset or a corset-style top. A black graphic top paired with a corset belt will emphasize your gothic look. You can also try blouses, coats, tops and statement shirts. Full body garters or garter bras can make you look like a sexually appealing goth lady. Hoods are also good for dressing up goth. Plain black or maroon velvet top paired with black shorts or tights and buckles long boots look sexy. Check out the Cradle of Goth top selection for amazing goth outfits and accessories.

5.      Try Goth Style Bottoms and Boots:

Black knee-high stockings with a frill skirt will make up a classic goth look. Plaid or flannel is also a smart way to break the blackness of Gothic nicely. However, in spring and summer, you can show a bit more of your legs. You can add black fishnet tights or stockings for an erotic yet gothic look. Leather stockings will also look cool in winters. What’s more, try black and white striped socks with shorts. Huge chunky boots are in for gothic style with elements of metals, chains, or studs. You can also opt for Victoriana ankle boots or platform boots and pair them with leggings or skirt.