5 Classy Chic Outfits to Try Out This Spring

The trends for spring 2016 are definitely in bloom. From stripes to delicate flower patterns, from lacey lingerie to Spanish senorita, we’ve seen it all on the runways this season. But it’s time we updated our shopping agenda and renewed our wardrobes. In case you needed some inspiration, here are 5 amazing classy chic outfits you absolutely must try out this spring.

Colors of the sky

The first chic outfit that will become a permanent display in your personal collection is made up of a pair of high-wasted sky blue pants and a white silk top with lace sleeves. The inspiration for this outfit comes from the colors the spring sky has. When it’s sunny, warm and breezy, the sky is powdery blue laced with flimsy white clouds. That’s exactly how this outfit is.

Make sure the pants are very well-tailored, though. High-wasted, loose pants, if not fitted correctly simply look bad. They will appear baggy an unkempt. Pair this ensemble off with a pair of thin soled and thin heeled stilettos. As far as accessories go, a big classy, leather bag and a manly, chunky watch will balance the ultra-feminine look. It’s best to keep the accessories nude, as a pop of color will steal from the classiness of this piece.

Spring means blossoms

Blossoms are everywhere in springtime, from trees to hedges and rows of flowers. So why not mirror this natural aesthetical trend on our clothes as well. What better way to really let your creativity take the reins and honor spring than through the amazing cherry blossoms? Botanical elements should serve as an inspiration to you this spring and first on the list should be the cherry blossoms.

Here is an amazing outfit example, comprising of a semi-sheer tunic shirt and a midi skirt with a marvelous cherry blossom pattern. Since both the backdrop of the dress and the shirt are white, the real stars of the show are the flowers. Your eye is immediately drawn to them. The shoes are classy dusty pink stilettos and the accessories are simply to-die-for. The skirt is complemented by a beautiful roses clutch and the jewelry is gold. Simply because rose and gold are a match made in heaven.

White, tan and copper

Spring is all about looking fresh and breezy. After those long winter months, when you had to stay cooped up in the warmest and snuggest clothes you could find, spring days are all about letting your body breathe. Textures, fabrics, patterns as well as colors should suggest comfort and relaxation, not to mention class and style.

One way to do that is via this simple yet so effective outfit. It brings together a stunning pair of white pants, a fitted tan top, and a copper clutch. The tailoring of the pants here is exemplary and this is exactly what you’re going for. The high waist is accentuated by the wide band. At the same time, the pockets of the pants surpass the natural line of the body and make the hips look bigger. Thus, the waist seems tiny.

The tan top creates the same effect because of the see-through wide straps. The shoulders look a bit wider while the torso remains petite. All in all, this outfit is perfectly constructed as far as visuals go. The copper clutch is what brings the classy element to the table. It gives the whole ensemble an antique look that saves it from being banal.

Straight off the runway

Another way you can get inspired for your spring wardrobe is by simply taking a peek down the runways. The most famous designers in the world have so many great pieces lined up for us that it’s extremely difficult to choose from. Take into account your personal style, budget and your existing wardrobe, because you might already have some of the items. Reclaim them and turn them into this season’s stars.

One example is the LWD. The black one’s sister, the little white dress is another item that shouldn’t go missing from your wardrobe. As stated above, you probably already have one in your dresser. But, if you don’t, here’s a great piece for shopping inspiration. It comes to us via Brandon Maxwell and it was part of his spring 2016 collection at the New York Fashion Week.

It’s a show-stopping abstract piece that looks as if it was sculpted rather than designed and made from fabric. Top to bottom, this spring classy chic dress is perfection. The bohemian bell sleeves, the straight-lined and professional-looking midriff, and the almost too daring slit in the front create a wonderful equilibrium between elegant, boho and sensual.

Stripes are in

Stripes are yet another trend which you can downright steal from the spring 2016 runways. They were a big hit with all the big designers and there’s no reason why they shouldn’t be a hit with you as well. They embody both classy and chic and can be combined in countless ways, colors and fabrics.

Speaking of combinations, here is a great example of what you can do with stripes this season. The outfit is quite simple, being made up of a plain, white t-shirt and an eye-catching navy, bronze and ivory midi skirt. It reminds you of a chilly few spring days spent at the sea-side. The navy is clearly reminiscent of the dark, cold waves, the bronze is the sand, and the ivory is the cloudy spring sky.

In order to break away this somewhat simple and straightforward outfit, add a statement necklace. Because it will hang on top of the plain white t-shirt, it will add a bit of luster to the ensemble. You can wear both a clutch, as you can see in the picture or a fun tote bag. Sandals are a must because you are, in fact, at the beach. Or at least that’s the spirit you want to channel.

Being classy and chic is one of the fashion styles that will never die. High-waist pants and beautiful, flowing demi skirts will always steal the spotlight and make you look delicate and fresh. So why not try one of these 5 classy chic outfits this spring?