4 Types of Shoe Toe Styles for Men – Ultimate Buying Guide

There are many different types of shoe toe styles and terms thrown around, and you might not know what they are.

Now you can find out!

These are mostly associated with men’s formal shoes like Oxfords and Brogues.

Here are the different shoe toe styles associated with them.

Different Shoe Toe Styles

1.Apron Toe Shoe

These shoes have a style where the toe cover of the shoe looks like an apron. The shoe is perforated with a horizontal line along the sides of the shoe and along the front. Click here to view and shop more apron-toe Oxfords.

apron toe style oxford shoes

2. Cap Toe Shoe

The cap-toe style shoe is perforated with a horizontal line across the toe of the shoe, giving the effect of a “cap”. Click here to view and shop cap-toe shoes.

cap toe style oxford shoes

3. Plain Toe Shoe

A plain-toe shoe can be an Oxford, Brogue, Derby, or other type that basically does not have a perforated style on the “toe-area”. Click here to view and shop plain-toe shoes.

plain toe style shoes oxfords

4. Wingtip Shoe

Wingtip shoes are perforated in a “bird’s wing” style. Instead of just a plain line, it has the shape of a wing. Click here to view and shop more wingtip style shoes.

wingtip shoes