30 Days of Summer: Outfit Idea 1 – Denim Booty Shorts and a White Blouse

Hello! Welcome to the first of the series: 30 Days of Summer, where each day, we’ll post one outfit idea of the topic, which in this case, is summer. We’ll also be explaining the details of each of the outfits and actually analyzing each one as to what makes them unique and what kind of look you can expect to achieve with it.

For this month, we will be doing 30 days of summer, so every day, you’ll have an outfit to wear and more fashion information to store up your sleeve.

beach outfit with shorts 2Today, we’re showing a preppy style beach look, with short light colored denim booty shorts, women’s tan colored sandals, a white flowing blouse, a sunhat, leather watch, and yellow tote bag.

The blouse is great and will provide good airflow to make sure you don’t get too hot under the sun during the summer. This outfit will be great to wear at the beach.

30 Days of Summer Series: