3 Fall Outfit Ideas for Fashion-Forward Gentlemen

For fashion-forward lads in search of recognition, there’s nothing sweeter than a perfectly put-together outfit. Oh! The options, the blazers, the wonderful scarfs and accessories. It’s nigh-intoxicating. Of course, as a style-savvy gentleman, it’s easy to be misunderstood. The fact of the matter is: people don’t understand fashion-forward gentlemen. Thus, guys usually get pushed into categories they don’t identify with, or get labeled with names we’ve never heard of.

Still, you’ve come to the right place. No matter whether you’re a university professor looking to spice up your look, a college kid searching for a way to get someone’s attention, or a simple high school boy trying to stay hip and in-the-now, we’re here to help. Here are three outfit ideas that just might make you stand out from the crowd – and in the right way.

Remember, the beauty of fashion is that you can always find statement pieces without having to spend a fortune on designer garments.

The Adventurous Messenger

Leather isn’t always man’s best friend. And, although some stores would have you only buy leather, some animal rights activists may frown on that. Regardless of the ethical dilemmas, some of you may still prefer the latter option, not because of that, but because of the smaller price.

The star of this look is the bag. Such an accessory is versatile, useful and complements virtually any garment you choose to wear. Feel free to pair the bag with a casual pair of jeans and a shirt or a sweater and a pair of fitted trousers.

Nothing says “you don’t want to mess with me” like a basic colored messenger bag. Still, if you want to add to the rough look, we suggest going for a pair of Japanese denims. I know it’s an uncanny suggestion – but it’s sure to make your look all them more interesting.

For an extra dash of style, add a checkered scarf with matching colors. As for footwear, we suggest some basic Converse sneakers or a pair of oversized boots (since they’re a must-have trend for the Fall/Winter 2015 season).

fall outfit ideas for fashion forward gentlemen

The Experienced Traveler

Do you know the difference between a tourist and a traveler? Well, it’s a pretty basic one: the tourist is in dire need of a guide, while the traveler takes on the experience head-on. Which one would you rather be? Well, of course you want the second one!

So, in order to successfully achieve that look you will need three things: at number one are a pair of black fill cords. The pants aren’t necessarily the centerpiece of this outfit, but they do serve it right. The black filling technique gives a new pair that old, rugged look. It radiates experience.

And what better to add at an old rugged look than a grey canvas backpack. The one we’re presenting here comes in brown as well, but the grey version gives you that extra bit of confidence you need since it contrasts so well with the brown leather straps.

To finish this look off, we suggest a pair of dark brown or grey Levi’s boots. After all – be it rain or snow – you’ll need some tough footwear to get you up that mountain – or the school staircase, adversely.

fall outfit ideas for fashion forward gentlemen

The Stylish Professor

Now, though the look is called “the stylish professor”, you probably figured that you don’t actually need to be one to achieve the look. Hey, you and I both know that you don’t judge a book by its cover, but there’s no denying that an impeccably well-dressed man encounters all sorts of wonderful opportunities. Proper attire does add a lot to a person’s image – and if you’ve ever seen political debates, you’ll know exactly why.

To successfully own this type of seriousness, you will need the crown jewel of men’s outfits: the leather jacket. Pricy, I know – but well worth it. Especially when you go for an orange brown type of look. I mean, just look at the combination bellow – would you say ‘no’ to someone dressed like that!?

The complete look will also require a pair of oxfords. These are – how shall I put it – as mandatory as those course requirements you keep telling your students about. You can’t expect to pull this off with something other than office shoes. And oxfords are the best money can buy.

To complete your professor image, you will also need a bag – something that can be both carried in your hand, and on your shoulder. The perfect mix between a briefcase’s usefulness and a messenger bag’s practicality. Ah yes – a brown leather messenger bag. Complete with compartments for your MacBook and camera – good if you’re also a photographer.

fall outfit ideas for fashion forward gentlemen


So, have you chosen your fall outfit yet? Great! We hope we’ve been of service. One last piece of advice: don’t forget to look at the price tags! I know some of these items can hypnotize you into buying them – but don’t forget how much you can actually spend!

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Author Bio: Arthur Lamber is a young yet passionate freelance writer who spends most of his time researching the latest fashion trends. He’s a longstanding fan of E. Tautz and his one-of-a-kind vision and believes that a classy jacket and a pair of well-fitting trousers are two items that should never be missing from a man’s closet.