24 Ways To Look Stunning In A House Party

Have you been invited to a house party? Great! You must now pick just the right outfit for the house party and get ready to have fun with your friends. Wear something that makes you feel comfortable and stylish while you are at the house. But it’s still a party! Focus on the accessories; opt for small and functional bags, and do not overdo. Less is always more.

cropped denim for house party

Cropped Jeans – A decent pair of slender cropped denim skinnies and a simple jersey T or any other t-shirt can work wonders. Pull your hair back into a messy bun, dangle some dainty spidersweb-esque jewellery about yourself and do your best to look sophis with a glass of warm plonk.

button down skirt for house party

The Button Down Skirt – A 70s gem that has reared its head again this season is the denim button down. It feels less try-hard than a mini, but isn’t actually a whole lot longer and kinda lets you do the whole slightly sexy slightly sweet girl next door vibe. Wear with a fitted T, ankle socks and boy-ish shoe, or girly wedge heeled sandals if you’re looking for extra height.

baggy jumper for house party

Baggy Jumper – This is the magic way to get away with wearing a tiny skirt without feeling like self conscious. Simples. If you want to show a bit of leg, throw on a tent-like jumper, some cool trainers, and you’re done.

high waisted shorts for house party

High Waisted Shorts – High waisted shorts are perfect for house parties. You can pair them with a simple or fancy top of your choice. There are plenty of options for you to wear.

crop tops for house party

Cropped Tops for a High School House Party – Doesn’t Taylor Swift look extremely trendy in this crop top? You can wear crop tops to house parties with absolutely any kind of pants, shorts or skirts.

shirt for house party

Shirt With Plain Tank Top – Wear a flannel shirt over a plain tank top with skinny jeans to pull off a street style.

floral skirts for house party

Floral Skirts – Pair a floral skirt with any plain shirt and you are good to go to a house party and receive tons of compliments.

black maxi dress for house party

A black maxi dress is the answer to a myriad of style dilemmas. With an updo and heels it’s a sleek evening wear. In an informal setting it will look equally gorgeous when styled with simple ankle boots. Plain cuffs and bangles, and chunky pendant necklaces will subtly emulate the idea of eveningwear jewels for a casual adaptation of a classic look. If a maxi dress on its own feels just a little too casual, an embellished jacket draped around your shoulders or a sparkling box clutch will step your look up a level.

skinny jeans for house party

When you’re going to a party and there’s a good chance you’ll get beer spilled on you, so you must dress strategically. No expensive leather shoes for this one! This look includes skinny jeans, a sequined top, and a faux leather jacket.

pastel dress for house party

Pastel Dress – Wear a cute pastel dress and add some light accessories to look super adorable.

blouse and jeans for house party

Blouse and Jeans – The perfect combination of smart yet casual. A smart blouse will ensure more of a party-appropriate look whereas a pair of jeans will keep you comfortable as you sit back and relax at your friend’s place.

playsuit for house party

A playsuit is a great choice for your casual house party outfit. With both comfort and style in mind, this piece is a winner. Plus, you won’t have the headache of wondering what to wear it with for this all-in-one number.

jumpsuit for house party

Jumpsuit – You can wear this at a formal house party. A more sophisticated take on the playsuit, the jumpsuit can look super elegant and modern. Go for something with an interesting detail or cut. A ruffle, for example, suggests more fun than prim-and-proper. If you want to be particularly on-trend, this season is all about the wide leg or culotte.

formal dress for house party

A formal dress – To make sure your formal dress is suitable for a party, inject a bit color or embellishment. Whether this is through the dress itself or in the form of an accessory, you want to bring out your fun side.

casual dress for house party

Beyoncé is wearing a lovely casual orange dress that looks amazing. This dress shows off her gorgeous body shape.

skinny jeans for house party

Very simple but cute at the same time is this outfit of Miranda Kerr, that exists of a dark skinny jeans with a white oversized shirt. The red leopard printed pumps give her just that little extra glamor she needs for a party look!

sparkly tops for house party

Sparkly Tops – These tops are always good for parties. Your wardrobe is incomplete without these sparkly and glittery tops. Pair them with boyfriend jeans to look cute and chic at the party.

leather pants for house party

Leather Pants – Leather pants are good for house parties as well! You can pair them with casual shirts to balance out the look.

eye-catching tones for house party

For an evening event, go bold in bright and eye-catching tones.

earthly colors for house party

Here is a great option for the autumn. Earthy colors look great in autumn, and winter is well suited to jewel tones. Wear tactile fabrics such as velvet or suede.

for the engagement house party

For the Engagement House Party – A dress is the classic choice for an engagement. You may want to stay clear of white but soft pastels and light colors work best. Opt for silk and chiffon fabrics and think pretty when it comes to print.

denim for house party

Denim On Denim – Denim on denim is the new hot trend! Pair your denim shirt and jeans together and see its magic working at the house party.

cinched waist dress for house party

Cinched waist dresses will give you a flawless fashionable look.

accessories for house party

Use accessories to finish off your look. Go for one eye-catching accessory around the face, like big earrings or a chunky necklace and keep the rest simple.