2-Piece Combo Approved by Celebrities

two piece outfit combination 10On days that we’re all simply running late for work, not even having a second to sip a cup of tea or coffee, we expect to run out of the house looking really messy and with mismatch style as well. If that’s the case, you should really start learning about basic 2-pieces outfit s that are guaranteed will make you look prepared and fashionable even without a minute to spare.

Check out the looks below – celebrity approved 2-piece outfits – that you need to live by.


The Tank Top + Culottes Combo

Looks under this category were worn by Lily Rose Collins, Rihanna and Diane Kruger.


two piece outfit combination 1A beautiful mixture of pastel in one ensemble – baby blue tank top layered with a matching blue long vest, pastel pink culottes and pointed toe shoes.


two piece outfit combination 2For casual days, you can go with white culottes with a nude waist coat, a girly tank top and white and then a stylish pair of espadrilles for comfort.


two piece outfit combination 3You can never go wrong with co-ords. This outfit will effortlessly look more polished and styled more than anything.


The Blazer + Leather Trousers Combo

Looks under this category were worn by Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid and Rihanna.


two piece outfit combination 4We’ve seen this kind of outfit worn by so many celebrities. The blazer and leather trousers combo is a chic way of looking smart yet edgy.


two piece outfit combination 5This look is a great go-to look for a modern and fun corporate outfit. It’s pretty easy with a bit of edge and roughness thanks to the leather trousers.


two piece outfit combination 6Look extremely chic by belting your blazer around your waist for added emphasis on your curves. Wear this look with your leather trousers and favorite pair of leather boots.


The Neutral-Colored Top + Khaki Pants Combo

Looks under this category were worn by Gigi Hadid, Karlie Kloss and Emma Stone.


two piece outfit combination 7Sport a trendy and simple look with your khaki trousers and a striped top. Wear your sliders for a casual look.


two piece outfit combination 8Or simply go with a white turtleneck top with your wide-leg khaki pants for a nice everyday fall outfit.


two piece outfit combination 9A black statement sweater, your skinny khaki trousers and brown high heels, an outfit perfect for a chilly day. Accessorize your look with an animal-print envelope clutch for a simple pop of color.