1990s Trends You Should Start Wearing Again

90s men trend 12Have you notice that designers are breathing new life into old favorites? We’re talking about the 1990s style.

But do you know which ones to wear (again) and which ones to ditch?


90s men trend 1Wear: Bomber Jackets
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The modern way of styling bomber jackets is by choosing one that has the right cut. Back in the day, men wore them oversized and baggy. These days, extremely baggy outfits are not flattering anymore.


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Choose a bomber jacket that’s well-fit. It could be in the autumnal colors like navy or black so it can go with almost every piece you have in your closet.


90s men trend 3Wear: Oversized Tees
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We’re not talking a too-big or an actual dress kind of tee. That will make you look like a weird and trying-hard-to-look-young. The trick to wearing an oversized tee is by balancing your outfit. Because it’s oversized, pair it with slim jeans and a well-fitted jacket.


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If you mix both oversized pieces, it will make you look pretty scruffy. For a growing man like yourself, avoid colorful or any tie-dye and 90s inspired pieces. Opt for plain tees in neutral colors.


90s men trend 5Light Wash Denim
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Thanks to the 80s and 90s rave culture, many have taken heart to big yelow smiley faces, glow sticks and denim trends – and we’re talking about denim trends that didn’t age well. Dodgy denim like jumpers (dungarees) were all in acid wash colors. Can you see yourself sporting that look right now?


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You can still add the 90s acid wash to your look without going overboard. Don a lighter wash in slimmer silhouette. Best way to pair this trousers are oversized tees because they simply balance out each other.


90s men trend 7Wear: Grunge
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You need to exert a lot of effort if you want to don the grunge style – but at the same time, looking like you didn’t put any effort in your outfit.


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It’s about loose, distressed knit and flannel shirts that are usually paired with distressed denim and heavy boots. Think of Kurt Cobain as inspiration for the grunge look.


90s men trend 9Wear: Old-School Athleisure
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These were super popular back in the mid 90s when people wore sweat separates that made you think of gym class. But to wear this look, you should definitely avoid the full tracksuit look.


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One of the key pieces to rock old-school athleisure is by wearing a well-fit tracksuit top or polo shirt with your slim jeans and trainers. There’s a fine line between retro athletic gear and a terrace extremist.