14 Different Sweaters for Men and How to Wear Them [Infographic]

mens sweater style heirarchy fashion statementMen’s Sweater Style Hierarchy found on Dappered.com

1. Solid V-Neck

#1 and for good reason. Looks great on everyone. Make it a mid to light-weight wool like Merino. Cashmere if you find the softness is worth the huge markup. Put it over a collared shirt, wear some dark jeans & good shoes, and you’re ready for a casual date. Try to avoid v-neck sweaters with a V that dips super low. Anything below mid-sternum starts to look a little wonky.

2. Solid Crew-Neck Sweater

More casual style-wise, for sure, but can still be worn over a collared shirt. Again, try and find these in a mid to light-weight wool like Merino.

3. Men’s Striped-Basic Pattern V-Neck Sweater

A little more casual but can still be dressed up, depending on the pattern. Try and keep the number of colors used in the sweater limited to two, maybe three.

4. Men’s Striped/Basic Pattern Crew-Neck Sweater

Same as the one above, only even more casual. Can look really good if it’s a thicker/bolder rugby-style stripe on a trim fitting cut. Perfect for very laid-back situations, without looking schlubby in the least.

5. Men’s Standard Collar Cardigan Sweater

Getting a little tougher to pull off. The risk is you either look like an old man, or a little boy when you button one of these up. But the right silhouette can look pretty smart. Leave the bottom button undone.

6. Shawl Collar Cardigan Sweater

More casual, but somehow more masculine looking than its plain collar counterpart. Almost impossible to layer under something else.

7. Men’s Button Mock Neck Sweater

Super casual, but super warm. Get one in lambswool.

8. Chunky/Cable Knit Sweater

A tough one to pin down. Some of these look lobster-boat masculine, some look ski-bunny feminine. Usually pretty casual and most often crew necks or shawl collar pullovers.

9. Half Zip Mock Neck Sweater

Teeth right around your adam’s apple? Yeesh. Also, can look a little late 90s-ish. Especially when worn with stone wash jeans. By your Dad. While driving his PT Cruiser.

10. Fair Isle Sweater

The original Cosby Sweater.

11. Men’s Sweater Vest

Haters, will in fact, hate. But, believe it or not, these have a real place and purpose. If you’ve got a bit of a belly, forget it. If you’re in shape, though, they’ll help clean up your lines through your sides, while the sleeves of your shirt will offer contrast (kinda like a waist coat, without the arm-garter jokes). Looks great with jeans. Also, when worn under a blazer or suit coat, you get the layering effect without the bulk/extra warmth of sleeves.

12. Turtle Neck Men’s Sweater

Tough to pull off. Figuratively, and literally. Unless your codename is “Duchess”.

13. Hockey Jersey Sweater

Traditionally called a Sweater. Incredibly roomy, yet most are quite breathable. The best looking type of sports jersey to wear to the corresponding game. Also looks fantastic on a significant other, especially when they’re wearing nothing else.

14. Cosby Sweater

Perfect garment to wear while enjoying a pudding pop.