13 Best Leather and Faux Leather Jackets

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There’s nothing like the perfect leather jacket to give you that cool vibe for the colder months. We think that leather jackets should be a staple in every woman’s closet.

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If you have a very feminine aesthetic, chose a leather jacket that has very feminine detailing. Moto jacket balances it out without being too bulky or oversized.


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Choose a leather jacket that you believe has a clean and sleek fit. The kind that would be easy to wear over your dress while giving your entire look an edge and just the right amount of polish.


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If you’re going to brunch, use a leather jacket to pare down a bright dress or maybe a lace number.


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When wanting to sport a business casual look, put together your business basics – those that are essential in every woman’s closet: trousers, comfy tee that can be dressed up or down then top it off with a leather jacket.


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Adding an infinity scarf with your leather jacket will look cute and extremely cozy the cold days.


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Wear a leather jacket that’s draped over your shoulder. It’s the perfect topper for mini dresses and heels. When you’re going for a fitted dress or skirt, choose a leather jacket that’s a little oversized. It will balance out your look by keeping a nice contrast and cool.


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Send an unintentional message to your date that you are self-confident and cool by wearing a leather jacket during your date. Choose an outfit that you’re comfortable in and something that flatters your body figure. Just remember that wearing your ex’s moto jacket isn’t the best option.


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This number one fall essential will give your look an edgy vibe that a bicker jacket can add to any outfit. It’s a great piece to wear even for a casual night out.


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Mix formal wear with leather jacket. Choose a cropped style so it won’t overwhelm your dress. A nice contrast between your jacket and your dress also gives a lovely touch in terms of texture and shape without taking away the shine from your dress.


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Easily pull off a breezy look with the help of a slip dress and a delicate necklace. Choose a form-fitting jacket to give your look that edgy vibe that it deserves.


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Sport a challenging look by mixing different prints into your outfit. Don’t worry, the leather jacket will pull together your look.


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It’s during weekends where you find yourself wearing your favorite leather jacket. A motorcycle jacket will look great, always, with your go-to jeans.


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Contrast is key. A tough and oversized jacket paired with girly silhouettes and a minimal leather jacket will look amazing with menswear-inspired clothing pieces.