Dressing Up for a Cocktail Party

cocktail dress 11“What to wear? What should I wear??”

This is us when there’s a special occasion for us to show up at. The moment you receive the invite or when someone mentions it, you will automatically about what you should be wearing to the said event.

Cocktail parties are super fun parties that everyone, even their grandmothers, enjoy dressing up for.

But there’s nothing worse that feeling underdressed or overdressed for the venue.

Want to look fabulous? Below are some styling tips on how to properly dress for a cocktail party.


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Know what type of formality between different events. Wearing a cocktail dress code is more formal than casual and less formal than evening wear or black tie.


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It also depends on the reason, season and location when it comes to the level of formality. If it’s a pre-opera cocktail, then it would be more formal. For a charity event, it’s more formal so it should be dressy.


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A casual event’s invitation will come by phone or an email, but that doesn’t mean you should wear your jeans or a light-fabric material dress.


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What women wear to cocktail dresses traditionally were mid-thigh to knee-length but nowadays, you can wear something that’s shorter or longer, depending on what you feel like wearing.


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And since it’s an informal occasion, you have so many choices such as a halter dress, asymmetrical hemline dress, mini dress, maxi dress and many more. Just make sure the fabric is made of silk or satin.


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If you’re going to be attending a cocktail party right after work hours, wear something dressy and classy yet nothing extremely formal.


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Remember that different cities have their own dress codes for cocktail parties. For example, in Los Angeles, they wear something casual because the city is relaxed, while in Manhattan, they have a dressy and chic dress code for cocktail parties no matter what the weather is.


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Just remember that fabrics that are too casual – even though you live in a relaxed city – is a big no-no. These are chinos, jersey and denim.


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You can wear dresses in pastel or neutral shades for a semi-formal event but not for any formal cocktail party.


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When you’re attending any sort of event, make your outfit blend in with the event and just have fun with your friends and family.