10 Ways to Style Wide-Leg Pants This Season

Look at some of the street style photos from Paris to Milan, and the one thing that is going to stand out immediately is this – everyone seems to be wearing wide-leg pants. Yes, these pants have become very popular now, and they can look very good too if you are wearing a good one. The looser silhouette has turned up on every pant style, from jeans to jumpsuits. But how does the everyday woman master the slouchy look? That can be a challenge for many ladies.

Here’s a solution for you. Follow these 10 simple style tips and you should be able to cheat on your skinny jeans in no time.

Tip #1 – What is the key to nailing the wide-leg pants trend? The answer is – by balancing the proportions. All you have to do is just tuck a fitted, lightweight blouse inside your tailored wide-leg jeans and you will get the perfect contrast.

wide-leg jeans

Tip #2 – Do you want to create a little drama with your outfit? Select a bright printed wide-leg pant. Now make sure to keep the rest of your look neutral by going for pieces in subtle or complementary colors.

printed wide-leg pant

Tip #3 – For a look that’s irresistibly chic, try a relaxed pantsuit. Pair wide-leg pants with a matching blazer (worn over the shoulders) and a graphic tee.


Tip #4 – Pants with extra volume is a style statement in itself and for good reasons too. Even the most classic look, which is the white T-shirt and jeans, is far from boring when you try the wide-leg style with it.

Tip #5 – Don’t be afraid to up the ante with your accessories. They can really help you add that zip to your style. Add a little bit of personality to your black wide-leg pants by including statement bags and eye-catching shoes.


Tip #6 – Wide-leg pants work very well for dressier looks too. All you have to do is just go for a tailored style and a matching blouse and blazer for the perfect professional look. You will definitely become a head-turner when you wear this outfit.

matching blouse and blazer

Tip #7 – Yes, you can get away with a wide-leg jumpsuit. Don’t worry about it at all. Opt for a one-piece that cinches in slightly near the waist and gradually flares out at the hip. Check yourself in the mirror. Aren’t you looking just awesome?

Tip #8 – Tank tops and wide-leg jeans are a match that always works very well. The fitted style will add definition, so your voluminous pants do not feel overwhelming.

tank tops and wide-leg jeans

Tip #9 – A belt can be like your best friend. Cinch the waist of your favorite wide-leg pants and you will be able to create a sleeker silhouette.

belt and wide leg pants

Tip #10 – Wide-leg overalls will always make you look really cool. You can pair them with sky-high heels, so your pants won’t be dragging. You may also throw in a novelty clutch to your outfit.