10 Suede Jackets You Need This Fall and Winter

suede 12Suede jackets are easy to wear for casual occasions as well as dressed up events at night. If you want to know how to wear and care for your suede jacket, read on.


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When purchasing a suede jacket, you should look for a material that’s soft to give your body a flattering look. There are some suede jackets that are stiff and structured.


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Suede gives a tailored and fitted feel so avoid bulky and oversized jackets. Try to find a suede jacket with built-in lining because this will offer protection to your jacket.


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There are so many colors that come in suede jackets. The most common ones are neutral colors such as dark gray. Dark and neutral colors conceal marks and imperfections but purchasing other colors is alright as well for a wider range of choices.


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If you’re going to choose a lighter color, like cream or white, be careful with the top you wear under the jacket. Materials like dark denim can rub against the suede and will bleed the color into the material, leaving the suede jacket very difficult to clean.


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There are so many clothing articles to wear with your suede jacket. It depends on a woman and what she’s trying to achieve.


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For a trendy and classy outfit, pair your suede jacket with leggings and ankle or knee-high boots.


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For a chic look, try wearing it with a midi skirt or a mini skirt or a dress.


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In order for your suede jacket to last years, pretreat it especially if it’s wet. The treatment will act to protect the fabric from rain and other fluids by helping the water bead up and fall off the jacket’s surface rather than it being absorbed and cause a stain.


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You can also buy a can of waterproof spray. Make sure that the spray is made for suede fabric.


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Sometimes, it would be really impossible to get a stain out of a suede jacket. It’s possible to spot clean it but when it’s really hard to remove it, it’s time to take it to the dry cleaner for expert care. One thing you should remember is that you should never soak suede fabrics into water because it can damage the fabric, causing it to lose its softness.