10 Stylish Rompers and Jumpsuits for Women to Wear Now


Everybody’s into jumpsuits and rompers these days. They can be a bit intimidating, especially if you have never worn one before. But don’t worry. They may be inspired by menswear coveralls but when styled correctly, it will totally look girly and classy with the help of the right cuts and styling.
Pull off jumpsuits and rompers by these easy tips.


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Buy the right length
They come in different length and sizes. Tall women can get away with sweeping pieces while petite women should stick to rompers that just go above the knee.


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Skip skin-tight romper or jumpsuit
These are mostly made to cover and drape around the body. If you want something that will hug your body, choose a cat suit instead.


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Invest in a solid color romper or jumpsuit
Solid-colored ones are easy to wear and style. When in doubt, you should always go for solid colors since they also look great on any woman. The single color helps lengthen the body and create a flattering shape.


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Avoid polyester, spandex or pleather
It should be loosely draped around the body. Choose something cotton and soft knitted jersey are best fabrics to choose for romper and jumpsuits.


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Purchase a romper or jumpsuit that will suit any event
Rompers are perfect for daytime wear like the beach or at the back but these can also be worn to formal events as well. Have you seen celebrities wear jumpsuits and rompers on the red carpet? Choose something that’s made of silk or satin.


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No need to over-accessorize
Match accessories perfectly. Sometimes, the jumpsuit or romper itself can be an overwhelming piece already. Minimal accessories are your best options. A pair of matching shoes and simple cuff bracelet can help carry the ensemble.


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Choose the right fit and size
Having the right fit is important – not just to rompers and jumpsuits but to any article of clothing. A loose jumpsuit can highlight bulges and imperfections. The fit of a jumpsuit should remain loose and draped while clinching the waist.


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Stop overthinking about romper and jumpsuit
They come in different styles, prints and shapes and that’s a good thing because there’s surely the perfect one for every woman. Try on different pieces and styles so you would know what looks great and what doesn’t.


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Don’t be afraid of trying out a romper or jumpsuit
If designers stuck to plain and boring creations, the fashion industry would never see great fashionable pieces throughout the years. Take risks and enjoy styling it. Practice makes perfect and find inspirations from celebrities.


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Avoid wild and crazy prints
If it’s for a costume party, then go ahead. But if you think you can pull those crazy animal print jumpsuits, then you’re wrong. It’s very distracting and draws the eye away from appealing parts of your body.