10 Signs You Should Invest in Pumps

Every woman needs a pair of high heels, especially the versatile black pumps, even if she likes to wear ballet flats or rubber shoes more. When the situation calls for it, all you need is to slip into your pair of high heels then you’re good to go. There are so many colors and styles to choose from.

If you’re unsure about getting yourself these, check out these 10 signs on why you need to invest in high heels.

Black pumps draw attention to your outfit.

black pumps women outfit idea style fashion

Women who wear black pumps or pumps in general draw attention and will make the others do a double take at you. Other women would even draw compliments, which happens always especially if you’re a fashionista. If you always want to have heads turn toward you, then better put on your favorite pair of black pumps.

You want to improve the way you walk.

black pumps women outfit idea style fashion

Women obviously walk far more different than men. By wearing high heels, it will help exaggerate the feminine aspects – we’re talking about the shoes making women walk like real women. Really feminine women. Those who walk confidently in black pumps are found to be attractive by both men and women.

Pumps add height.

black pumps women outfit idea style fashion

This is the number one reason why women even wear pumps in the first place. It could be for a few different situations, such as wanting to look as tall (or nearly as tall) as their date or some women wanting to overcome their petite structures. Either way, black pumps are your best friends when it comes to wanting to look taller.

Pumps help enhance women’s self confidence.

black pumps women outfit idea style fashion

If you need a boost of confidence, all you need is a pair of black pumps. That’s because of a number of reasons like your pumps could match any outfit. It could even make you look assertive and dominating.

Pumps can accentuate the legs.

black pumps women outfit idea style fashion

Good news to all short  girls out there. Not only do these footwear make you look taller, but these will also make your legs look extremely sexy. Wearing high heels can tone a woman’s muscle.

Wearing pumps can make you look thinner.

black pumps women outfit idea style fashion

One important reason why a lot of women prefer to wear black pumps is because it makes them look thinner, just like how women prefer to wear black clothing.

Black high heels are an office dress code.

black pumps women outfit idea style fashion

Some companies require their women employees to wear black pumps for work. And if you want to keep your job, then you might as well do what they ask you to do (aside from the work they ask you to get done). Make sure to invest in a pair of black high heels that is made of quality material because you’re going to be wearing that for the entire week.

Pumps are already part of the society and it can’t ever be removed.

black pumps women outfit idea style fashion

In some parts of the world, women wear high heels to amp up a pretty casual look. So if by chance you think your outfit is too plain and dull and needs a lot of upgrading, then you better put on your favorite pair of pumps.

A pair of high heels can make you look more persuasive.

black pumps women outfit idea style fashion

There have been a study done years ago where a woman wearing ballet flats was asked to approach male in the streets for a survey. Only 40% of male stopped to take time and answer the survey while 60% of them stopped at a woman who was wearing high heels. They wear all ears to the woman who had pumps on.

You want power.

black pumps women outfit idea style fashion It is said that women in heels are more often in power than those who aren’t. If you google “businesswomen”, you’re going to see a bunch of women in power suits and.. you guessed it, pumps.

But aside from these signs, it is still your choice if you want to wear high heels. A pair of black pumps can make your outfit look fabulous but make sure the fit is right that it will make you ooze confidence.

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