10 Outfit Ideas for Summer in Paris

Are you going on vacation to Paris this Summer? Here are 10 outfit ideas you can take with you on your trip to Paris, France. These are so beautiful! Some of them might look a little quirky or weird to the average American, but don’t worry because these are the fashion styles in Paris. Which ones are your favorite?

paris outfit ideas 10A beautiful red colored outfit to wear to Paris. Red heels and a long slim skirt with a white blouse tucked in. Top it with a nice red necklace and even some red lipstick.

paris outfit ideas 9A classy business style outfit. Short skirt with a gray blazer and dark red over the shoulder bag. A dark gray hate that matches the color of the outfit and some accessories.

paris outfit ideas 8A sexy look for Paris! Bell-bottom jeans high waisted jeans and a red striped white sweater rolled up halfway up the sleeves. A red purse to match the outfit and some jewelry will make it look perfect.

paris outfit ideas 7Red is a beautiful central color for trips in Paris. Booty blue jean shorts with a red plaid dress shirt. Make sure to wear a belt if you’re going to tuck in the blouse inside the shorts.

paris outfit ideas 6What a beautiful dress! Black high heels and a bright yellow flowing dress.

paris outfit ideas 5Also a nice designer colored dress.

paris outfit ideas 4Another red striped white blouse, but this time it’s with some white booty shorts. Cheetah printed sandals all the way! Aviator sunglasses and a blue over the shoulder bag.

paris outfit ideas 3Black and white patterned shorts with black stockings and black high heeled boots. A black sweater and a couple of rings.

paris outfit ideas 2The blazer is a common and popular clothing item for Parisians. Black flats and black capris.

paris outfit ideas 1The hat is also a common and popular clothing item for Parisians. The color red is a popular color. Wear them all together and you’ll definitely fit in.

paris outfit ideasA beautiful flowery printed dress and a black cardigan. A yellow sunhat and some accessories.