10 Men’s Must-Haves For Holiday Party Attire

There is magic in the air… That’s right—it’s the holiday season! A time filled with loved ones and festivities galore, the holiday season is something we all look forward to every year. Not only does everyone seem to smile a little sweeter and love a little better, but also during the holidays, there are all kinds of activities that make any normal day just a bit more interesting. People host holiday parties, parades hit the streets and festivals take over towns.

To help you get into the holiday spirit and amp up your winter wardrobe, we found 10 winter must-haves that are just festive enough for any holiday occasion. And the best part is that you won’t feel tacky. These items are seriously cool and a sartorial dream. Just put together a few of these seasonal separates and you’ll be holiday party-ready in no time!

1. Plaid Blazer

plaid blazer
You’re going to need some warmth when heading out for late nights this season. Slip on intentional outerwear like this plaid blazer, and it will look more like a part of your outfit instead of a last-minute addition. Bonus points for one with seasonal green weaved into the pattern!

2. Oxford Shirt

oxford shirt
A staple in any well-dressed man’s closet, the Oxford shines brightest during the holiday season, when parties call for “dressy casual” and you don’t want to go out and buy a new shirt. Oxfords are always appropriate, and chances are you’ve already got one pre-pressed.

3. Brown Leather Brogues

brown leather shoes
Lyst tells it like it is: “Smarten up your act with super slick brogue.” Classy enough to pair with slacks, but casual enough to wear with jeans, a pair of brown leather brogues is the ultimate piece of footwear, especially if you’re a man of few shoes.

4. Wool Peacoat

wool peacoat
For those outdoor events, make sure you keep your body heat close with a unique wool peacoat. This timeless style is sure to spiff up your look, but you can wear a plaid shirt underneath to dress it down if needed. Pair the peacoat with your brogues, and you’ll exude class.

5. Chinos

Neutral enough to match just about any shirt you own (yes, even in red!) yet more put-together than a pair of jeans, chinos are the perfect holiday season pants. Snag a pair in a skinnier style, because tailored inseams keep you from looking sloppy.

6. Tailored Jacket

tailored jacket
The Huffington Post also wants every man to look his best at holiday parties, so they gathered advice from Veeral Rathod, Wall Street man-turned-menswear expert. Rathod noted, “A well-structured jacket is a must-have for any type of holiday event.”

7. Sweater Vest

sweater vest
As Esquire describes it, a sweater vest is your item that’s “festive without involving Rudolph”—which, unless it’s an ugly sweater party, is very important to a man who’s serious about his style.

8. Dark Denim

dark denim
For the family get-togethers that require no-fuss fashion, you can bring out the jeans. But make sure they’re in a dark wash, as anything too light looks tacky and summery. You want to show the family you tried, and a dark wash is just the way to do it.

9. Classic Timepiece

Watches are the man’s way of accessorizing while maintaining a clean look. A classic timepiece with a leather band looks great with a sport coat. Heading to an important holiday party at the office or dinner with your girlfriend’s family? Put on your bigger bling for more formal affairs as such.

10. Chambray Shirt

Layer right with a chambray shirt—it’s on-trend and timeless at the same time. Depending on the blazer you put over top, you can easily dress this versatile shirt up or down, which is great for the events you’re not sure about. Too dressy? Shed the jacket and you’re casual cool.

Getting dressed for holiday events, big or small, can be a serious source of stress for guys who have some impressions to make. Going to meet your girlfriend’s family for the first time? Attending an office party? Looking appropriate for the occasion is one of the most important steps to the equation for a successful holiday event. Keep these pieces in mind, and by combining just a few, you’re sure to have a holiday wardrobe ready for anything.

With all these festivities, it can be a little stressful trying to plan outfits for the holiday season that are not only cool, but cozy too. You want to celebrate the season accordingly, but you only have one sweater to wear to 10 different engagements, and you’d hate to be photographed wearing the exact same piece at every single event—especially if you’ll be attending a few with the same people. No one likes a repeat outfit! So use these fashion inspiration ideas for next time you go out to holiday parties!